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A Special Tribute for Pam DeAlmeida

Support a cause that's close to my heart

Pam DeAlmeida

Hi Everyone! My Aunt Pam was truly one of the most funny and happy people I knew. Unfortunately, she battled kidney disease for so many years and passed away September 30, 2020.

In honor of my Aunt Pam, I am raising money for the National Kidney Foundation as a train for the NYC Half Marathon on March 19, 2022.

Please consider making a special gift to help us commemorate my Aunt Pam and support a cause close to my heart. Together we can work towards a world where others won’t have to suffer.

Your generosity will fund the fight to:

- Expand access to home dialysis and kidney transplants for all Americans.

- Increase funding for kidney disease research

-Identify and eliminate kidney health disparities

Thank you!!


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