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A Special Tribute to Duke Hessler

Support a cause that's close to my heart

Duke Hessler

Welcome to my tribute
page in memory of my uncle, Duke Hessler.

My uncle recently lost his battle to kidney failure and vascular dementia in May 2022, after fighting for a transplant and  weathering the storm through dialysis complications for over a year until his passing.

Please consider making a much appreciated donation, to help me remember my uncle and support a cause that’s close to my heart. Together, we can spread awareness and raise money for important research and medicine. 

Your generosity will fund the fight to:

- Expand access to home dialysis and kidney transplants for all Americans.

- Increase funding for kidney disease research

-Identify and eliminate kidney health disparities

Every gift, no matter how small, is meaningful to me and will ensure that their legacy can live on in this important work. I would be so grateful for your support to help fight kidney disease.
Thank you.

With Sincerity, 

Austin Schmall 


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