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A Tribute for Kathleen Green

Support a cause that's close to my heart

Kathleen Green

My Aunt Kathy was affected by kidney disease and had two kidney transplants in her lifetime.  In 2006 my father (her brother) donated his kidney to Kathy.  The transplanted kidney began to fail in 2019 and Kathy temporarily received dialysis.  In 2020, 14 years later, Kathy got the news she would  receive another kidney from a deceased donor.  Unfortunately, Kathy had complications beginning in 2022, recently escalating in November.  Ultimately Kathy lost her fight against kidney disease.  We created this page in her memory.

Please consider making a special gift to help us remember Kathy.  Our family would be so grateful for your support to help fight kidney disease.

Thank you
Abigayle Russell


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