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A Special Tribute for Jesse (“Butch”) Shufeldt

Support a cause that's close to my heart

Jesse (“Butch”) Shufeldt

This page is in memoriam for Jesse (“Butch”) Shufeldt, who recently lost his fight against kidney disease.

It can be overwhelming to cope with a kidney disease diagnosis, as the journey is often long and difficult. NKF is a source of hope and comfort for families – a place to turn in their darkest hour.

Please consider making a special gift to remember Jesse and support a worthy cause. Together we can ensure that others won’t have to suffer.

Your generosity will fund the fight to:

- Expand access to home dialysis and kidney transplants for all Americans.

- Increase funding for kidney disease research

-Identify and eliminate kidney health disparities

Every gift, no matter how small, is meaningful to the Jesse’s family and will ensure that his legacy can live on in this important work. We would be so grateful for your support to help fight kidney disease.

Thank you.


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