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A Special Tribute for Jeremy Ament

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Jeremy Ament

When Jeremy was 12 years old, he was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney disease, which required him to have his first kidney transplant at 13 years old, which was donated by his Mom. He continued to battle renal disease throughout his life which he handled with style and grace.

His life was changed again when he was able to attend Camp Reynal through Camp John Marc at the age of 16. As a camper he was able to meet others with his same disabilities and feel “normal.” He continued to attend camp for the next 30 years and took on more leadership roles. He became a volunteer, counselor, recruiter and eventually the assistant director. Camp Reynal gave him the opportunity to share his story with others in the same situation in hopes that it could help them adjust to their new life and know that everything was going to be okay. Jeremy led the cooking class each week at Camp Reynal – ensuring young patients knew how to cook kidney-friendly meals and properly read nutrition labels.

Jeremy married the love of his life Amy on 9/10/11. They enjoyed spending their time alone together. Whether he was cooking for her, or she was baking cookies for him, they did this together. Rarely were they ever apart, and they completed each other in every single way. Jeremy’s only regret was that he hadn’t met Amy sooner in life so they would have longer together.

In July he was diagnosed with cancer and was sent home with comfort care. He spent this time with family, friends and his beloved wife, allowing those he cared about to show their love and support to him in those final days. He continued to love us all as his only concern was that everyone else was doing okay.

He is survived by his beloved wife Amy, his Grams Nancy Hernandez, mother Cheryl (Ronnie Wallace), father Vern Ament, sister Kary (Brandon Borski) and her children, and a large extended family who he loved dearly.
A heartfelt thanks to Dr. Alfred Levy, and the Camp Reynal and Camp John Marc families.

A Celebration of Life will be Saturday morning, August 13, 2022 at 10:00 am, at Rowlett Community Centre, 5300 Main Street-Room B, Rowlett, TX 75088.


In lieu of flowers the family has requested that donations are made to support Camp Reynal.


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