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Support a cause that's close to my heart

Cholyn Estrella

Someone I care about is suffering from kidney disease and I created this page to seek help for my brother dialysis maintenance to prolong his life. 

It can be overwhelming to cope with a kidney disease diagnosis, the journey is often long and difficult. NKF is a source of hope and comfort for families like mine – a place to turn in their darkest hour.

Please consider making a special gift to help my brother someone special to me and support a cause that’s close to my heart. Together we can heal as one. 

Your generosity will fund the fight to:

-Dialysis maintenance in hospital

- Medicine daily maintenance 

-Injection for hemoglobin every dialysis 

Every gift, no matter how small, is meaningful to me and can prolong a life who is precious in every family. I would be so grateful for your support to help fight kidney disease.

Thank you.


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