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In Memory of Andrea Maria Taylor

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Andrea Maria Taylor

Andrea Maria Taylor

Born August 29, 1973
Sunset April 12, 2022

Andrea devotedly spent 6+ years of her professional career at KYB America in Addison, Illinois her State of Birth and Residency until transitioning to KYB America in Franklin, Indiana where she dedicated 11+ additional years of her life to Home, Family, Friends and her passion for KYB America.

As an only child of her mother, Ajeenah Crittendon who knows the best way to succinctly describe Andrea’s personality is, ‘Giving’.  

From childhood to adulthood, she never learned how to turn off her ‘Giving’ spirit.  It was in her DNA.

Andrea’s endeavor in life was to be a friend and companion to all that knew her with a benevolent temperament for listening. 

If you knew Andrea, you would know that she also had a wicked sense of humor.  Never at a loss to share a joke or two, along with the funniest of stories.  

If Andrea loved you…you knew you were truly loved!  

If she considered you a friend…you knew it!  

If you were ever in need…there was Andrea. You didn’t have to ask because she would be the first to volunteer, no matter the complexity of the situation.

Andrea was an extremely loyal and generous person with her time and her resources made available to family members and friends, sometimes to a fault.  

If her family members or friends were experiencing life’s ups and downs you could count on Andrea to always be there to uplift you with words of encouragement, a joke or two, or providing financial assistance if and when necessary.

Andrea became known as my, ‘Quiet Warrior’ because she never made a fuss about any of life’s challenges be it professional or health.  

She was the sweetest, loving and kindest daughter a mother could ever hope to have, and I am missing her tremendously.

Andrea was born with one normal size Kidney and a small abnormal size Kidney which led to a future diagnosis of Diabetes in her early adult life.

However, even though she dealt with many health challenges Andrea was never without a big smile on her face no matter what life threw at her. 

She never made a fuss about anything including her successful Living Donor Kidney Transplant Surgery from her mother in 2010.  

She was also my ‘Quiet Warrior’ when we both made it through her live donor kidney transplant surgery.  Her Living Donor Kidney gave Andrea the ‘Gift of Life’ for an additional 11 ½ years.

However, Andrea did not have the opportunity to once again receive the ‘Gift of Life’

Andrea also didn’t get the opportunity to give the ‘Gift of Life’ to others as stated in her ‘Final Medical Directives’, which simply stated:

“Donate whatever that can be used to help save someone else’s life”

Family’s Wish:   In-Lieu of flowers the family ask that everyone make your donation(s) in Andrea’s Honor to the National Kidney Foundation.

Andrea’s final message to people who matter to me:

“I truly, truly love you all.  Thank you for loving me back and making my world as safe and as colorful as it could be.  The love and care I have received from family and friends has been extraordinary” …Andrea M. Taylor

Memorial Services to be held at Sullivan Funeral Home
60 South Grant Street
Hinsdale, IL 60521

August 13, 2022

Visitation: 11AM – 1PM

Services: 1PM – 2PM

Food Served from 2PM – 3PM



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